Targeted Case Management

When it comes to selecting services for persons with intellectual or other developmental disabilities, there are many choices to make, and the process can be overwhelming. Targeted Case Management, or TCM, services exist to assist persons with disabilities and their families in making these important decisions.

CLASS’ Targeted Case Management services assist individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities to achieve maximum independence, integration, productivity, and successful inclusion in the community. Targeted Case Management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements, coordinates, monitors, and evaluates the services that are necessary to effectively support the individual in their community.

Targeted Case Management services include:

Assessment of the individual
Development of support systems
Support planning
Advocacy for the person and their life preferences

Assessment of the individual includes an assessment of the individual’s holistic needs, including home, community, natural supports, assistive technology, and more. Support planning includes the development of an action plan that will meet the needs of the individual, including resource and referral activities.

Targeted Case Management services help individuals and their support networks to identify and coordinate the use of both paid services and natural supports. Targeted Case Managers provide a line of communication between the supported person, their family/guardian, service providers, and professional and natural supports.

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