Community Living

CLASS Community Living Services enable adults with intellectual or other developmental disabilities to live in the community as independently as possible while still accessing necessary supports from CLASS or other community resources.

The ability to decide where and with whom to live is a freedom that is highly valued by all members of society, including persons with intellectual or other developmental disabilities. Communities provide unlimited opportunities for acceptance, contribution, and inclusion.

Community Living Services will benefit you or your loved one by supporting the greatest degree of independence possible in an individual’s chosen lifestyle. Community Living Services assist individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities to build skills, increase independence, and live successfully and happily in the community of their choice.

Services and supports that help individuals succeed include learning, practicing, and maintaining skills that are related to activities of daily living, such as:

Personal grooming and cleanliness
Household chores
Meal planning, food preparation, and eating
Medication assistance
Budgeting and bill paying
Recreation and leisure activities

CLASS manages housing sites for Southeast Kansas Housing for the Handicapped, Inc. and CLASS Homes I for persons with disabilities, although many individuals who receive Community Living Services live in their own home or apartment that is not managed by CLASS.

CLASS also operates the Kay Lane Permanent Housing for Homeless Persons with Developmental Disabilities project in Parsons. This residential site provides safe, affordable, and accessible permanent housing for up to six homeless individuals who have intellectual or other developmental disabilities. The project is assisted by grant funding obtained through the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance program with assistance and oversight provided by the Kansas Statewide Homeless Coalition.

For more information about Community Living Services, contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone at 800.479.0259 (toll free) or 620.429.1212.