Benefits to Employers

CLASS provides an array of options for businesses and employees in Cherokee, Crawford, Labette, and Montgomery counties, and our Innovative Employment Options service is an excellent resource for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need qualified, reliable, and skilled employees for your business, or you need to use our contract services and dependable work crews, we have a solution for you!

Services for your company will be provided through CLASS’ Innovative Employment Options service. Our Innovative Employment Options service delivers vocational training that teaches individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities important and useful job skills to assist each person to achieve success in community employment.

CLASS provides the necessary job training and job supports for each individual to ensure that they are able to master their job requirements and have the opportunity to become valued, successful members of the company.

Hiring an individual with an intellectual or other developmental disability is beneficial to employers in many ways. Benefits to employers include:

Increased productivity
Quality product inspections and supervision

CLASS provides payroll services, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation, which saves your business valuable time and money. Employers who hire workers with disabilities often qualify for tax credits and have the added benefit of assisting individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities to gain valuable job skills and employment experience.

Call CLASS at 800.479.0259 (toll free) or 620.429.1212 today to learn more about the benefits of employing individuals with disabilities, or to set up contract or other employment services for your business.