Eco-Shred Document Destruction

CLASS’ Eco-Shred Document Destruction Services project began in 2003 as a result of community and company need. Eco-Shred Document Destruction Services is designed to reduce and redirect waste paper, while at the same time, provide employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities, and meet the needs of community businesses, service organizations, and individuals.

How does your business dispose of sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information?

Many landfills are nearing capacity and local, regional, and state governments are seeking ways to reduce the amount of municipal solid waste. Significant progress toward this goal can be achieved through waste paper recycling. Recycling offers the opportunity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease the amount of waste disposed in landfills, decrease the cost of landfill disposal, reduce energy and water consumption, and provide a renewable source of fiber for recycled paper production.

CLASS’ Eco-Shred Document Destruction Services provides a method for individuals and businesses to dispose of sensitive documents in a secure, confidential, and environmentally conscious manner.

Types of Documents

Accounting records
Administrative records
Competitive information
Confidential correspondence
Customer information
Engineering drawings
Financial records
Inventory information
Legal documents
Marketing plans
Medical records
New product proposals
Payroll records
Personnel files
Price lists
Procurement records
Production schedules
Report overruns
Sales reports
Tax records
Other documents